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Utilizing global professional partnerships, TetraTek are able to offer Preventative Maintenance as a service. Steering away from the traditional and expensive "break-fix" mentality of IT Support we are able to guarantee continuous uninterrupted functionality of your whole network. An SLA with TetraTek will set your mind at ease, on all matters concerning the reliability of your infrastructure

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At TetraTek we understand that companies are meant to grow. With the help of our supplier network, we are quick to respond to rapid expansion needs in a very timely manner. We also understand that planning for disasters is very important and we strive to be ready for such situations should they arise. For that reason in addition to maintenance we offer all those services necessary, to protect and support your business.

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At TetraTek we develop for your business. With over ten years of experience in automation, we are more than capable of developing applications that will free your staff from repetitive, time consuming tasks and help them concentrate on the more productive tasks. On a larger scale, we can also develop custom ERP solutions or customize of the shelf products to fit them to your company's needs.

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Let computers take care of their own. Build your own "Skynet" and benefit. How?

Continuously monitor all your network devices

Automatically and in real time, correct problems for any failing service, on any of your network devices

Identify problematic devices on your network and repair or replace them before they cause downtime

Keep all your devices on the network up to date, with all patches, anti virus, anti spam, anti malware... covered by the same solution

Outsource your maintenance and benefit from enterprise level offerings

Outsource your maintenance and claim it as an expense against your income

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Protect and grow your business intelligently. Let us help you along the way.

Top brands in the hardware industry are on our suppliers list. This gives TetraTek the ability to offer quality systems to help you grow your business when required at much better prices than normal retail.

Furthermore, as part of our continuous support to our clients we offer various levels of disaster recovery solutions

Continuous Backups at 15 minute intervals

Daily testing of the integrity of backups

Off-site migration and storage of backups

Virtualization solutions that offer high availability, extreme redundancy and load balancing

Continuity Of Business planning and readiness testing

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Let us know what will make your everyday tasks easier to manage. We will build the application that makes it happen!

At TetraTek we develop

Powerful scripts that automate repetitive, time consuming and error prone tasks

Complex applications that simplify everyday operations

Complete software solutions that help you manage clients, warehouses, finances

Reporting solutions

At TetraTek we can also customise off the shelf products in order to deliver those changes that are important to you

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